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  • Aims and GEET
  • Growing with Domes
  • Teamwork Dreamwork
  • Making It Happen
  • Ready, Steady, Go! (Grounded feet, Clear heads, Open arms)

Aims and GEET

Our Aim on this page is to share inspiration for using your dome(s) to engage more in the local and global arena; how to amplify and/or diversify your game to maximize your ROI (return on your time/energy investments), in mutually beneficial arrangements will all.

“The future has arrived — it’s just not evenly distributed yet.” -William Gibson

Welcome and thank you for visiting our site!  My name is David Pantone and I am the founder of DomeAndGarden.com, and the son of the late inventor Paul Pantone, who created the GEET Fuel Processor here in Garden Valley, California in the early 1980’s.

GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology)
GEET is the waste-eating, clean-emissions device you can use with all of your fuel-burning equipment to amplify your savings and productivity.  Greatly reduce your carbon footprint from farm to table, from electric car to cargo ship.


We offer affordable GEET Classes online! Low-temp plasma generation tech you can do in your garage!  Learn more at GEETInternational.com

Growing with Domes

Why we make Geodesic Domes

We are family owned and operated, with our home office in Garden Valley, California.

We think geodesic domes, which are ideal for so many basic needs, are the perfect introduction/introductory feature/way/center-piece to shift into a new healthier, wealthier, and more harmonic existence/set and setting for everyone.

Over a decade ago I knew I wanted a geodesic dome greenhouse made from EMT but found those on the market to be 10x the cost of the materials to make one.  I recognized my need also as an opportunity to help others with the same need, with a “Stone Soup” approach.  Dome Making could be (and has become) a fire hot enough to heat that “iron” and these:

  • Providing quality and necessary fixtures to many at a fair rate, while constantly aiming to elevate our own and the industry standard.
  • Grow my own food year round
  • House my own dome building workshop and GEET lab, both in covered domes
  • Fund GEET overhead and R&D
  • Grow the GEET Network and awareness of GEET with Domes, bring the whole package, shelter, food, water, and love which are needed even MORE than a harmless endless energy supply, like GEET can allow any of your fuel burning equipment to offer.

As dome building and the other items listed above have been suitable for me, as a builder by trade and inventor’s son, there are many such simple and diversified situations that can be designed be as exponentially complimentary for each individual scenario or situation.

We do our best to take action that should yield the highest outcome with the lowest effort and fewest negative effects, and we seek to bring to you any such opportunities we are able.

Then we are a team and when one of us is uplifted, the rest of us are uplifted.

With a growing international team, we are quickly on the way to eliminating poverty and hunger in this world FOR GOOD!

Teamwork Dreamwork

You can become part of our team/network in about as many ways as you can imagine.  Because this is “Stone Soup” you/we all are the wholesomeness, the heartiness, the nutrition and/or flavoring.

Contact us to Suggest/Request Involvement.   Some of our projects are already happening, and some are awaiting your participation.  Here are a partial list of a mix of both:

Volunteer with us at the heart of operations!

  • Come to our lab/workshop in Garden Valley to join in GEET R&D, Dome Building, Community building and of course all the daily menial stuff.

Network with us locally

  • Contribute to and receive from seed bank
  • Have regular goods or services? Post to our LETS directory Organitrade.com

Contribute Remotely

  • Curate more valuable information to contribute to our projects, and/or send in your own ideas and inventions to be manifested at our location and shared with the world!
  • With your approval, we will test and/or research and then promote your product or service.
  • We will focus a calculated amount of our effort specifically on things you suggest or request, such as promoting or aiding in the organization of local barter groups in your area, or setting up a CSA and or LETS programs(s)

Still not inspired/Want more inspiration?  That’s okay!  The project we have have in progress is a game changer and it will become more and more obvious as we display to you what we’re making.

Making It Happen

What we’re making:

The First DomeAndGarden Off-Grid Educational Exhibition
We’ll test the most promising methods and tech and let you know how to replicate our successes!

We are already working with a local Brewery/Farmers Market to open our first Exhibition Complex. So far we have set up a 23′ 3v dome frame and next we will cover it for year-round use as a greenhouse! (pending finalization of agreement).   Next we’ll be adding amenities inside the dome to gain optimal growth with minimal maintenance and attention necessary.  As we develop the exhibition it will serve as an example to be emulated by others who visit the exhibition as well as our ever-expanding social media network, and our own team at other locations.

Besides GEET and Domes, a few of the types of things we would like research, refine and display are:

  • Aquaponics,
  • Water from air,
  • Geothermal heating/cooling,
  • Rocket stoves/heaters,
  • Reinforced aircete,
  • and Sun-tracking solar panels.

One thing at a time, it’s on the fast track to happening!  We have an excited network of professionals who are already well into the research of all of these things and more, and will continue to curate the highest yield/smallest footprint methods/and sources of doing things for us to test and demonstrate here at the exhibition.

Ready, Steady, Go! (next website and geographical site launches)

Grounded Feet:

Some potential features for DomeAndGarden locations:

  • Educational Exhibition
  • Common Restrooms
  • Maintenance HQ
  • Meeting/Entertainment areas
  • Dining Areas
  • Research Center
  • Day/Stay Guest Amenities

The 360 Degree Win!

For the host land owner (the Brewery in this first endeavor) the benefit of this relationship is a beneficial feature displayed on their property.  The infrastructure created would facilitate many events and regular activity to attract more people, as well as be an added value to regular guests of the venue.  Not to neglect to mention as a greenhouse/nursery a surplus of plants will overflow for the land owners and many others to glean.

For DomeAndGarden/GEET we get access to a location to facilitate public exposure of GEET so we can almost completely end all poverty and pollution.  A place to display the domes we make in all their functional glory could be the key to really kicking off the dome-making GEET fundraiser.

For Individuals: Aside from providing any facilities/accommodations we intend to illustrate voluntary guide points to aid and encourage in maximizing the autonomy of anyone involved. As above, so below; this is a mutually beneficial arrangement for all.

Clear Heads:

Here are a couple of my favorite guide points:

“Anything you can Imagine is possible and any problem you face, you can solve.”
– Paul Pantone

“Need = Can = Will, so Get, Give, Do!” 
– David Pantone

Align your world and your self with sustainable, exciting, potent/effective, world-changing, and all around fulfilling activity;

Get what you need, do what  you can, and do what you will with GetGiveDo.com!

The GetGiveDo.com Family:

  • DomeAndGarden.com
  • GEET Club
  • GEET International Institute

Open Arms

Local/Community plan (presently – onward) –
Essentially generally each land parcel will be productive and have exports to supply funding for growth. Excess is to be expected immediately, abundantly, and constantly so:
land owner can diversify and engage in philanthropy.
Example: Provide electricity (with GEET or other) to neighbors, and all other kinds of “Stone-soup” bartering type stuff.

Expansion/Global plan (presently – onward) – With our prototype, opening more Labs and Education centers and open-sourcing our model to be emulated by others.

We are excited to work with SchoolforSDG4

Plan for Humanity – (presently – onward) focusing on lifting the impoverished out of poverty, reliable effective self sufficiency will gradually but surely end the need for taxation, blatant theft, and maybe even war!

  • GEETInternational.com is a site where I have posted all GEET “101” Educational Documentation.  Have launched online classes to teach the ABC’s and 123’s (what everyone of any walk of life best know) of basic plasma and vacuum science.
  • GEETClub.com is a site I created in order to let everyone know they are already a member of GEET Club, what that means, and how to fully engage to their highest potential.
  • DomeAndGarden.com is a site I am building to consolidate and share the most effective and harmless means to living frugally independently and luxuriously.
  • PrepareForEden.com is a site I intend to build the next evolution of the DomeAndGarden Project.
  • GetGiveDo.com is a site I intend to build as a directory to your/our community projects.
  • Organitrade.org is a site I intend to build a directory the goods and services you/we offer.


We can’t wait to work with you!