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How We Make Domes

How to assemble a dome frame: Click here! Note: Even thought this is specifically a 3v frame being set up, the same procedure can be followed to assemble any frame.

Click here to view Assembly Diagrams

Fabricate your own frame:

Click here to see a video I made just for you!  (3-minute video of DIY geodesic dome frame making)

www.desertdomes.com offers a dome calculator which we use to determine the lengths of the struts for all our domes. They give good tips for your own small scale build if you’ve got the space and time do do it yourself. If you’d like to join our dome makers network, get in touch with us and we’ll talk about how we can help each other help everybody.

Here is the cover material we use and recommend:



Here are some pictures showing how we fabricate vinyl covers:

Please feel free to make a donation to hasten the production of our DIY videos!